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Provide your clients with a digital-first experience

Built on Robotics Process Automation. Practice Gateway is a best-in-class platform.

Practice Gateway demo

Practice Gateway in action

Client Take On

End-to-end, zero-touch automation of the entire Know Your Client (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Letters Of Engagement (LOE), and Client Set-up process. 

KYC: integration with SmartSearch to automatically scan a passport or ID and verify a person's identity. 

AML: option to perform more detailed checks on high-risk individuals to better understand the risks in play. 

LOE: automatic creation of a templated letter of engagement, digitally sent for signing to the customer.

Set-up process: once all the above checks are complete, automatic set-up of the client in your practice management system.

"The responsiveness of T-Tech has been paramount to us getting particular components added to Practice Gateway at our firm. What we have needed most in development terms is always listened to."

Director of Tax Technology, Evelyn Partners

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