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Practice Gateway at Evelyn Partners

Adoption and success of Practice Gateway

Automation Adoption at Evelyn Partners

Over the last couple of years, there has been a real push to adopt more advanced technology within the tax department at Evelyn Partners (formerly known as Smith & Williamson). As a growing firm with the willingness to innovate, they realised the need to improve technology processes surrounding personal tax, in order to make the client experience easier and compliance a smoother operation.

We sat down with Evelyn Partners at their London offices to hear about what their business need was that drove the adoption of Practice Gateway, how receptive the personal tax advisors were at adopting this new way of interacting with customers, and how successful this was. They also revealed what they’ve liked the most about working with T-Tech, and what levels of time they have been able to achieve so far.

"The responsiveness of T-Tech has been paramount to us getting particular components added to Practice Gateway at our firm. What we have needed most in development terms is always listened to."

Director of Tax Technology, Evelyn Partners

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