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The single location for all your client needs

Providing accountants with an automation first, best in class platform

Imagine a world where your team are not wasting time chasing clients for records, clarification, information, and more.
Practice Gateway automates this process, providing both client and accountant with a single view of the information they need.

Whether you are looking to improve your practice management system, personal and corporate tax processes, payroll system, KYC process, data integration, cross system reporting, compliance and audit, or just show your clients you are a forward thinking, technologically in-tune firm, Practice Gateway is the solution for you. 

Our dedicated development and automation team are at the forefront of innovation and constantly add features and functionality, pioneering the advancement of the sector.

A single place for all your client needs, with security at the heart


Client Take On

End-to-end, zero-touch automation of the entire Know Your Clients (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Letters of Engagement (LOF), and Client Set-up process.

KYC: Integration with SmartSearch to automatically scan a passport or ID and verify a person’s identify.

AML: Option to perform more detailed checks on high-risk individuals to better understand the risks in play

LOE: Automatic creation of a templated letter of engagement, digitally sent for signing to the customer.

Set-up process: Once all the above chceks are complete, automatic set-up of the client in your practice management system.

Business Meeting

Private Client and Personal Tax


End-to-end automation and digital customer journey for the personal tax process:

  • Full integration with your personal tax software​

  • Gift aid on the go

  • Pre-populated tax return sent to the client for review

  • Digital-first and mobile-friendly tax data collection and aide memoire process

  • Automatic entry of the client aid memoir into tax return software

  • Digital signing of a tax return by client

  • Automatic filing of tax returns with HMRC

Insurance Consultation

Corporate Clients

Tax information requests via online forms to allow efficient collection of customer data and for the customer to be able to save progress when they want.

Client Admin & Approvals

The ability for the client to:

  • Change their address

  • Approve key documents

  • Track the progress of jobs

  • View and pay the bills

  • Contact details of key members of staff


Allow your client to self-service and retrieve their documents.

  • Clients’ version of the permanent file available

  • Integration with SharePoint and Intapp.

  • View their permanent file and key documents whenever they like

Taking Notes on Financial Report

Mobile App

White label mobile app for IOS and Android

Gift Aid on the Go

Ability for client to capture gift aid at the point of donation.

  • Capture other expenses at the point of entry.

  • Automatically submits into the tax return at the year-end

Compliance & Finance dashboards

Create a bespoke dashboard for your clients to show their financial performance and overview.

People chatting

Fully Integrated with the Leading Accountancy Software



Package 1


  • Personal Tax Portal 

  • Gift Aid on the Go 

  • Document Approval 

  • Pay Bills Online (simple integration with existing platform) 

  • SharePoint Integration 

  • Single Sign-on 

Minimum of 1,000 users required. Additional bundles available in 500 user increments. 

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Package 2


  • KYC 

(Requires a SmartSearch subscription) 

Enquire for pricing

Package 3


  • Payroll 

  • Professional Fee’s Insurance  

  • Corporate Tax 

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Package 4


  • Audit & accounts

  • Corporate tax

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Package 5


  • Trusts

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Package 6


  • Family Office

Enquire for pricing

Package 7


  • Reporting

Enquire for pricing

DocuSign add-on


  • Up to 4 envelopers per client

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How to Adopt Practice Gateway:

As a Tax Payer

You can use Practice Gateway to:

  • Easily and safely send tax information to your trusted accountant.

  • Upload and manage personal files and documents.

  • Approve or reject documents and letters from your tax advisers.

  • Store your private data in a protected system

Consultant at work
"The responsiveness of T-Tech has been paramount to us getting particular components added to Practice Gateway at our firm. What we have needed most in development terms is always listened to."

Director of Tax Technology, Evelyn Partners

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